Culture-evening | 泉竹2020.01.24

Yoshimoto Creative Agency Co. Ltd. and Daikakuji temple started a new project “Daikakuji cafe” in June 2015.They hoped that much more people would find the charm of Kyoto, a representative city of Japan, and know the name of Daikakuji.

Furthermore, in the 2nd year, 2016, they planned to spread Japanese culture to the world. They held an event “Culture-evening Daikakuji” at Yuraku-cho,Tokyo on July 7th and invited members of The Foreign Correspondents’Club of Japan(FCCJ).

At the event, participants could learn about the history and identities of Daikakuji temple as Saga Imperial palace.

That was a day with all sorts of fun activities.Participants listened to a story of Daikakuji that was more than a 1200 years old, and experienced Japanese calligraphy, Shakyo.

They watched a demonstration of Saga-Goryu-Ikebana, a flower arrangement too.A comic duo called Tutorial(Yoshimi Tokui/Mitsunori Fukuda) from Kyoto made a presentation on the concept of “Daikakuji cafe”.

We gave a speech and introduced “Shojin-ryori”, a traditional dish of Japan at the event.”Washoku” is a World Heritage Site, and it originated in “Shojin-ryori.”

After that, we treated guests to a Syojin-ryori lunchbox, using 30 types of ingredients.It was a pleasure to take part in the event that made Japanese culture known.


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