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Seasonal Menu (Kyoto-style Special New Year’s dishes)
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Isuchiku became independent by setting up a branch of the “Izusen”, Kyoto long-established restaurant, to share to the clientele.We sell true Kyoto-style “Osechi-ryori” special new years dishes at the end of the year.If you need more information, please contact us by phone.

1 box(plain wood box) 19000 yen for 3 person 21×21×6.6(cm)

2 boxes(plain wood box) 38000 yen for 4 person 21×21×6.6(cm)

3 boxes(plain wood box) 55000 yen for 6 person 21×21×6.6(cm)

Orizume(thin wood box) 12000 yen for 2 person 21×21×4.5(cm)

Special Shojin-Ryori Osechi(vegetarian) 28000 yen for 2 person 3 boxes 14.8×14.8×5.8(cm)

Special Shojin-Ryori Osechi(vegetarian) 43000 yen for 4 person 2 boxes 19.5×19.5×4.5(cm)

※ There is a consumption tax of 10%.

  • 3 boxes(plain wood box)

  • 2 boxes(plain wood box)

  • Orizume(thin wood box)

  • 1 box(plain wood box)

Reservations can be made by
phone or via our website.

TEL:03-3700-4661 (From 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM)