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These are some books and magazines introducing our cuisine and activity. We will continue doing our best to live up to your expectations.

【SALUS】June 2015

  • SALUS June 2015-1

  • SALUS June 2015-2

  • SALUS June 2015-3

  • SALUS June 2015-4

  • SALUS June 2015-5

  • SALUS June 2015-6

Chef 50

  • Chef 50-1

  • Chef 50-2

【Tokyo Koyoi Tokutuseki ― Motenashi suru mise sareru mise 90(The 90 first-class seats in Tokyo tonight)】Tokyo Calender MOOKS

  • Tokyo Calendar MOOKS-1

  • Tokyo Calendar MOOKS-2

【Tokyo Otona-no Kakurega Restaurant 150 sen(The 150 restaurants like a secret hideaway in Tokyo)】2014-2015

  • The 150 restaurants like a secret hideaway in Tokyo

  • The 150 restaurants like a secret hideaway in Tokyo-2

  • The 150 restaurants like a secret hideaway in Tokyo-3

  • The 150 restaurants like a secret hideaway in Tokyo-4

【Osechi Taikan(The Book of Osechi,traditional Japanese new year’s dishes)】Supervised by Mutsukari, Kappo-style restaurant/ASAHIYA PUBLISHING CO.,LTD.

  • Osechi Taikan-1

  • Osechi Taikan-2

Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store chose Geisha Entertainment program at Izuchiku as a New year’s Luckybag in Jan. 2016.

Izuchiku was reported in Asahi-shinbun-newspaper in April 2016.

Tamagawa-Takashimaya department store at Niko-Tamagawa offers special boxed lunch “Hahanohi-zen” made by Izuchiku, a traditional Japanese restaurant, for Mother’s day.It consists of a variety of side dishes, to name a few, omelette-wrapped eel, simmered bamboo shoots and egg-rolled crab.

Those dishes contain many seasonal ingredients and are flavored in Kyoto style. Also, Red rice and Chirashi-sushi are packed in the box for women like trying a little bit of many different items. They have “Hahanohi-zen” only 7 and 8 of May. 2700yen.(quote from Asahi-shinbun)

【Tokyo Omotenasi-Settai Restaurant(For client dinner 50 restaurants in Tokyo)】June 2017

  • Tokyo Omotenasi-Settai Restaurant-1

  • Tokyo Omotenasi-Settai Restaurant-2

【Tokyo Shigoku-no Restaurant(Tokyo Best Restaurant)】July 2017

  • Tokyo Shigoku-no Restaurant

  • Tokyo Shigoku-no Restaurant-2

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