Our Concept

Our Concept1

We will hand over to future generations traditional Japanese culture through “Washoku”.

Izuchiku is the only Cuisine restaurant in Japan where you can have 3 kinds of traditional Japanese course dinner, Syojin-ryori, Kaiseki-ryori and Chakaiseki-ryori.

Our Concept2

Our “Genuine” Syojin-ryori

Syojin-ryori is Buddhist vegetarian meal.When we are making these dishes, we never use cooking tools and tablewares for fresh meat or fish.No matter how many times we wash these tools and tablewares, it is impossible to get rid of the smell.Izuchiku has provided “Genuine” Syojin-ryori, therefore, we establish trust within each sect of Buddhism.

Our Concept3

We think Japanese food culture is based on “Dashi”.

Dashi is Japanese soup stock.We perfect Konbu-dashi made from lots of different kinds of kelp.It tastes pure and crisp, so the taste of the food can be well recognized from each ingredient.

Our Concept4

Although, Japanese food is constantly changing…

Originally, Kaiseki-ryori course dinner doesn’t include meat.At the present day, some Japanese restaurants incorporate meat dish their Kaiseki-ryori course.But Izuchiku doesn’t include meat in Kaiseki-ryori, even today.We’d like to keep a wisdom of ancestors lead Washoku to a World Heritage Site, and continue to further evolve.

Our Concept5

We have an AnnexTea ceremony room.

It’s a little inconvenient to walk to the Annex for customers to attend a tea ceremony.But we want to emphasize the good points of the Annex; for example, face-to-face communication, interaction with nature and facing oneself.The main building is more than 65 years-old.It’s inconvenient, however, we love the old style of this house and maintain it with care.The members of our staff keep in mind to serve in an unobtrusive manner.

The relationship with others is the Origin of Jananese culture.

We’ve supported customers with the spirit of hospitality at ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.To highlight the importance of such occasions for our customers, we always display works of calligraphy, paintings and Ikebana flower arrangement.Sometimes to make them feel Japanese Miyabi (Miyabi means elegant and graceful atmosphere), we show them a performance of a play, Rakugo and Geisha performance.

We will hand over Washoku traditions to future generations, to tell the world about Japanese culture.Have a great time in Izuchiku.

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Reservations can be made by
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TEL:03-3700-4661 (From 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM)